Update:  April 24, 2020 

Gov. Whitmer is said to be talking at 11:00am today and according to WDIV online (https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/local/2020/04/24/michigan-gov-gretchen-whitmer-extends-stay-at-home-order-with-loosened-restrictions/) we can resume working May 1st!!!  So those that we have moved to that date or were originally scheduled for that date - we can open your residential swimming pool.  That being said...

All our April Openings have now been pushed to May.  That means MAY IS FULL.  Anyone that has not booked and is a CURRENT CUSTOMER, please call us and we will schedule you for June Dates.  

NEW CUSTOMERS.. I'm sorry I must be sure I can open all my Current Clients First.  I hope you understand.

Thank you for your patience through all this.

Welcome to Ultimate Pool Service

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COVID -19 see side note to the left here on this page.  All our Openings have been effected with this Quarantine Time.  I can not accept new clients at this time, as I must be sure I can open all our current clients first.  Please read the COVID-19 Update to the left here.

We Open and Close Inground Swimming Pools.  We do Partial Closings as well....Blowing of the Lines...Pool Only = $150.00 and Pool w/Spa =  $175.00 (call us to discuss what a Blow Lines only consists of - or simply click on the Tab - Products/Services and read for yourself).

Also be aware we only work on INGROUND POOLS not Above Ground.  Thanks. 

STARTING JUNE 1, 2018 WE WILL BE CHARGING 3% ON ANY CREDIT CARD PAYMENT.  I'm sorry the Banks are killing us merchants with the charges we have to pay to process these Reward Cards.

Want to send me an email...go to the TAB - Contact Us...see it under "More".

Ultimate Pool Service, Inc. was established in 1996, by Ken Clements in Southeastern Michigan to offer an inground swimming pool service company committed to quality, dependability and personal service at a reasonable price.  We are located in WATERFORD and REDFORD, MI since 2006, but we service many areas in Oakland and Wayne County, Michigan (for a list of the areas we are currently servicing, click on the "Products & Services" tab and scroll down to "Service Area To Date.")  

We are a small company that caters to our customers.  Ken & his wife, Tina are available to assist you with any problem that you may have.  Questions - no problem just give us a call. Our Office is located in our home, making us available just about 24 hours a day.  Need service - we'll come as soon as possible, we may even be able to help you over the phone.  Most of our employees have been with us since the beginning and our customers know them personally.  We know their backyards, like the back of our hand.  

Need to have your pool re-done, new tile, coping or marcite or maybe all three - we can help.  Just need Openings and Closings or maybe just a partial closing - we can help.  Handle most things yourself but are now stumped - we can help.  Pool water still green and you can't get it clear - we can help.  Pump Motor making an awful noise - we can help.  Filter pressure low and you can't get it to the usual pressure - we can help. Water levels seems to be dwindling and you're constantly adding water, more than just evaporation - call us we can probably help.  Think you've got a dumb question - no question is ever dumb to us - just call.  And you Ladies out there, Gals - call Tina she can probably walk you through just about any situation.  If we can't answer your call immediately - leave us a detailed message and we'lll return your call as soon as we can.  Promise!  Or if email is easier - click on the "Contact Us" tab here on this website and fill out that form - it will shoot Tina an email.  You'll get an answer back as soon as possible.

Call today - (248) 481-3345